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General Introduction
China GUIBEI Pyro-Bearing manufacture Co.,Ltd is located in a hi-tech bearing-producing industry newly emergent in the early 1990s’.Its leading products are all types series of pyro-bearings of GBGWZ brand,and got the ISO9001:2008authentication in 20...
Main Products
Chinese brands GBGWZ production for high temperature bearings, T Steel, TC steel ceramic, C three categories of quality ceramic heat to 200 ~ 1400 ℃, hardness HRC61-69, with stainless steel. Producing Chinese brands GBGWZ GUIBEI High-temperature bearings to 300 ~ 800 ℃. Northern High Temperature Bearing Group 013 607 731 853 Advisory 021-57714385 010-87825261 0773-2170901; view
Most Competitive Products
Northern Group and its high-temperature bearing steel GBGWZ Chinese brand T, TC steel ceramic, C three categories of quality ceramic heat to 300 ~ 1400 ℃ high temperature rolling, sliding bearings, hardness HRC60-65, intensity of HB400, a stainless steel! The only quality and cheap.
A large number of development and production of ET-level 200 ℃, D (S) T-class 300 ℃, XT-class 400 ℃, W (F) T-class 500 ℃, CT grade 600 ℃, QT-class 700 ℃, BT-class 800 ℃, C-class 800 1400 ℃. Low-speed rolling over the T00000 and lubrication type and rolling pieces of white T00000C type, high-speed type with cage and slide TH00000 type TS00000 four main types of high-temperature bearing structure Fifteenth, such as: T10000-type and TS10000-type high-temperature self-aligning ball bearings, TS20000-type high-temperature self-aligning roller bearings, TS30000 tapered roller bearings High-temperature, T40000 and TS40000-type high-temperature type double row deep groove ball bearings, T50000 and TS50000-type high-temperature thrust type ball bearings, T60000 type, T60000C type and TS60000 High-temperature deep groove ball bearings, T70000 and TS70000-type high-temperature type angular contact ball bearings, TS80000-type high-temperature thrust roller bearings, TN0000 TSN0000 type high temperature type and cylindrical roller bearings, TU0000 type, TU0000C type and TSU0000, spherical ball bearings High-temperature Ten types of bearings such as high temperature, T H20000-type spherical bearing five major types of high temperature and high temperature bearings and so on. Type of self-lubricating low T00000C, T00000 is no need for lubrication materials, without cooling, anti-bite resistant, impact, heavy load, more resistant to wear, the average life expectancy is normal bearings (including high-temperature tempering caused by the hardness of Sn, softening, easy to load deformation GCr15 steel bearings) more than ten times.






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